Applying for Junior Saver Membership

Guidance Notes

This form is to be used to apply for membership for people age 0 – 18 years. No entrance fee is required. An application for Junior Saver (Young Person) membership must be made on their behalf by either parent or guardian, who must be a member of RENCAM Credit Union.

Junior Saver (Young) Members cannot borrow from the Credit Union. A copy of the Young Person’s birth certificate or passport must be attached with this application.

Click on the link below to Apply for a RENCAM Credit Union Junior Saver Membership.

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Our Common Bond
"RENCAM Credit Union is open to Cameroonians, foreign spouses of Cameroonians and descendants of Cameroonians who are ordinarily resident in the UK. Membership is also open to other nationals living in the UK, who have interests in the Cameroonian heritage"