• Facts & Figures

Some important Facts and Figures:


  • The first credit union started in Njinikom, NW Region in 1963 with a membership of 16 and a total savings of 2.100 Frs CFA. The concept rapidly spread over the North West and South West Regions.
  • By 1968, there were 34 credit unions in Cameroon.
  • Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL) Limited is the umbrella organ of more than 200 credit unions. It the largest micro-finance institution in Cameroon and the CEMAC region.

Source: Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL) Ltd.
United Kingdom

  • About 400 credit unions, 1,038,904 people using the sector, including 121,360 young savers
  • Deposits of £807m, assets of £957m, loans of £606m,
  • More than doubled membership and loans by 125% and 146% respectively
  • Grew deposits and assets by 196% and 199% respectively

Source: PRA audited, annual figures 2012 and Association of British Credit Unions (ABCU) Limited

World Wide

  • There are more than 56,000 active credit unions in 101 countries
  • There are more than 200 million credit union members
  • Credit Unions have assets of approximately $1.7 trillion, Loans of approximately $1.1 trillion and deposits of about $1.3 trillion

Source: World Council of Credit Unions Statistical Report 2012

Our Common Bond
"RENCAM Credit Union is open to Cameroonians, foreign spouses of Cameroonians and descendants of Cameroonians who are ordinarily resident in the UK. Membership is also open to other nationals living in the UK, who have interests in the Cameroonian heritage"

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