• The Board

The RENCAM Credit Union Board & Management Team

The RENCAM Credit Union is governed and controlled by a Board of Directors and other Committees – members are democratically elected (one member one vote) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Any member is eligible to stand for election to any of the governing bodies. Daily operations are carried out by volunteer staff for the time being.

You can influence the management of the Credit Union by becoming  a member and:

  • Voting each year at the AGM where the Directors and Officers of the Credit Union are elected. By doing so, you influence the running of the Credit Union.
  • Standing for election and becoming an active part of the governance of the RENCAM Credit Union.

Interested in joining the Board?

If you are interested in becoming a Board or Management Team Member, please have a conversation with a current Team Member, who will advise you on the roles’ requirements and what the expectations are. Board vacant roles are filled at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) through elections.



If you would like to find out more, email info@rencam.co.uk

Our Common Bond
"RENCAM Credit Union is open to Cameroonians, foreign spouses of Cameroonians and descendants of Cameroonians who are ordinarily resident in the UK. Membership is also open to other nationals living in the UK, who have interests in the Cameroonian heritage"

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